We are the first Hostel in Porto Alegre with international standard and able to receive backpackers from all over the world.
The Hostel is located in a big house, with differents places for the guest to stay.
As soon as you get here, you will see our bar - welcoming and cozy for the night lovers. There will be someone here to receive you.
In this place, we have a living room with a fireplace, a room where you can eat or study, and beyond, a garden.
All bedrooms are upstairs, on the second floor; there are also two bathrooms - shared and divided by sex. Only the hostel staff and the guests are allowed to enter the bedrooms.
On the third floor, the guests can enjoy an open area with a barbecue place, overseeing the garden on the back of the house. On this floor, there are also a kitchen where the guests can use independently and a living room with a television. Here you will also find a collective computer, which you do not pay to use.
We have a porch overseeing the street, the front part of the house.
Our rooms are perfect for backpackers and travelers excited about the possibility of meeting new people and new cultures.
We have six bedrooms, and our maximum capacity is 33 guests. Our rooms are divided into two mixed rooms with six beds; a feminine room with six beds; a mixed room with eight beds; a mixed room with four beds; and a private room. All rooms have lockers for each guest.
Hostel Casa Azul has innovated in the hotel segment: it has provided to Porto Alegre community a space for exchanging experiences and welcome guests from all over the world. Our bar is open to the general public. Thus, the stay of our customers becomes more enjoyable, since they do not need to go far to be in contact with our culture.
We offer a varied menu, with options for all tastes, and all our specialties are inspired by international cuisine. The bar also features a wide range of beverages: we have beers from many different countries - for example, Jamaica and the Czech Republic - great quality distillates and also several wines.
In this space, parties and pre-party meetings are also held; everything always with lots of good music and nice people - the perfect combination for fun.
Our bar is open during the week, from Tuesday to Sunday from 7 pm to 12 midnight.
Ticket: R$ 3.00