Casa Azul Hostel is perfectly equipped to receive travelers with an adventurous soul, backpackers, exchange students, university groups or any kind of person who likes the concept of Hostels.
We are the first Hostel in Porto Alegre with international standard and able to receive backpackers from all over the world.
The Hostel is located in a big house, with differents places for the guest to stay.
As soon as you get here, you will see our bar - welcoming and cozy for the night lovers. There will be someone here to receive you. In this place, we have a living room with a fireplace, a room where you can eat or study, and beyond, a garden.
All of the bedrooms - mixed and female - are upstairs, and the bathrooms - all shared, devided as regards sex, changing room style.
On the third floor, the guests can enjoy an open area with a barbecue place. On this floor, there are also a kitchen where the guests can use independently and a living room with a television. Here you will also find three collective computers, which you do not pay to use.
Here we have a porch overseeing the street, at the front part of the hostel.